Sometimes, I just want someone, anyone, to just talk to. About anything. Just a casual conversation. I dont feel myself anymore. My mind is just out of it. The feeling of giving up is right there.

19.Sep.14 2 days ago

Im convinced all girls love guys who treat them like shit. Treating girls like shit guarantees that you can get them back and they will always have feelings for you. If you DONT treat them like shit they wont remember you and will move on the next day for someone who will.

17.Sep.14 4 days ago


when you hear someone mention Ariana Grande or Iggy Azalea


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16.Sep.14 5 days ago

"Of Course Shes Taken She Has Big Tits"

16.Sep.14 5 days ago

If you smoke cigarettes, you’re automatically not attractive to me anymore. I don’t care how good looking you are.

16.Sep.14 5 days ago

Im telling you all girls are players, they say guys are the assholes but really its them. Theyll leave you in a heartbeat and ignore you and not even care. While we are just there wondering what just happened.

16.Sep.14 5 days ago

Why is it girls love to give guys their kik or number but the second they hit the girls up they ignore them and act like they dont exist. Then get mad when you hit them with the “whos this” or delete them. I really dont understand that. Then they say guys are players. Ya bitches annoy me. You girls are the real players. Then go give attention to the crackhead nigga who aint doing shit with his life just cause hes available to give you attention 24/7 or just cause he has a car to take your broke ass around in. Shit like this that makes me wanna stay single for life.

16.Sep.14 5 days ago